Solar Panels in the 70s?

On my normal browsing of the web and catching up the news of the day, I came across something that shocked me.  In 1979 solar panels were installed on the White House.  Why did this shock me you may ask.  I haven’t been around very long (I was born in the mid 80s) and it’s only been recently that I can remember talks and discussions occurring about being green and America’s oil dependence.  I would have thought (and I’m sure Jimmy Carter did as well) that when the President of the United States installs solar panels on the White House, that there would have been greater reaction and following by the rest of the country.  It’s not like there was an energy crisis or anything happening at the time…

I got this snippet of information from  I quickly glanced though the site but was only really interested in what President Carter had done.  I wonder what he is thinking now, thirty years later.  An even better thought, what are the people thinking now that thought the solar panels were a waste of time and effort?  Have they changed their minds?  Should we have taken that road?

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