The Piano Move

This a post from a blog that I had a while ago but never kept up with.  I decided to repost it here (originally posted August 11, 2008) so that everyone may continue to enjoy the story.

It started off Friday afternoon.  The plan was that my friend was going to pick me up at 3 PM so we could drive to the airport and pickup another friend at 4 PM.  With this in mind I planned to leave work around 2 PM so that I could get home, quickly pack some clothes and be ready when my ride arrived.  I didn’t get out of work until 2:45 PM.  I rushed home and got some stuff packed just in time to hear a knock at my door; my ride had arrived.  We hopped in the car and we were off to Orlando.  We got there on time, picked up our friend and headed to their apartment.  Everyone arrived shortly thereafter and then we were off to dinner.

During dinner the question came up as to what the night’s events would entail.  We decided that we wanted to go to Howl at the Moon to celebrate my birthday (which was Sunday).  It wouldn’t be anything special just have a few drinks an head back.  We got there about 8 PM so I figured we would be leaving about 11 PM.  At 2 AM as they are closing we finally leave.  This is much later than I was wanting to be out.

The next morning came very quickly.  We were scheduled to pick up the truck at 10 AM on Saturday but didn’t leave Orlando until 10 AM.  I called the UHaul place to let them know we would be late and they informed me they would be there all day.  We drove over (just about an hour and a half drive), picked up the UHaul and then headed to my parent’s house.

Thanks to a friend of the family who had this dolly contraption, loading the piano was pretty simple.  We took our time and got it in the truck with just about no issues.  We did have to carry the piano about 3 feet to get it out the door since there was a lip in the doorway the dolly wasn’t going to make it over.

Once the piano was loaded we had some lunch with my mother and then we were on the road.  We were heading back to Orlando to drop off my friends car and then we would ride together in the U-Haul to Sebastian.  The plan was that my friend’s girlfriend would pick him up after we delivered the piano and got something to eat.  The trip to Orlando was almost un-eventful.  Since I was in the U-Haul my friend was following me.  I saw the sign that a toll was coming up so I merged to the right so that I would be out of the way of traffic.  Almost immediately after the sign for the upcoming toll was a sign that said the lane I had just merged into was an exit only lane, Great!  By now the lane I had left just moments ago was filled with cars.  So I put on my turn signal as a notification that I was changing lanes; it wasn’t a question at this point.  I saw a spot and squeezed in as the barricades for the exit were quickly approaching.  During this whole adventure I was completely concerned with me and the truck but apparently my friend had the same type of issue.  We both made it through.

The rest of the traveling was completly un-eventful.  Just cars and the open road.  We arrived in Sebastian much later than I would have liked, it was close to 7 PM.  My friend and I wasted no time getting the piano out of the truck.  We had a small issue getting it down the ramp (the dolly wasn’t cooperating).  We rolled the piano to the front door and again had to lift it to get it over the lip and then rolled it into its room.  Once we had it in the room we took it off the dolly and spent a good 30-45 minutes cleaning it.  The piano had been sitting in my parent’s house untouched for a few years and with this had collected a bit of dust.  After the cleaning we moved it into its place where it sits today.

Now it was time to return the truck and head out to dinner.  We called up the 800 number we were supplied.  To our surprise they were closed for the night.  This wasn’t at all how I had planned for the night to end.  We decided that since it was getting late we would just take the truck back to my place and I would deal with it in the morning.

PHEW!  After all of that the piano is now settling down in its new home.  Now all that is left is to get it tuned and start playing it.

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