Easily Sidetracked

Being a software engineer I love to tinker especially when it comes to something that is software related and it happened to me again tonight.  I had my night all planned out.  I was going to come home, do some cooking and then work on two entries that I want to get written.  Well once I sat down at my PC and started talking with some friends, I started tinkering with my blog.  One change here, another over here, update this page and so on.  These are all things that I need to get done eventually but they were not on my list of things to do tonight.  I must say though that the tinkering has definitely improved the blog.  I downloaded a new theme (credit for the theme goes to Design Disease) and already have an idea of where I want to go with it.  I made a few edits to it here and there for my liking and now I am much more happy with the layout of everything.

Since I had already ruined my scheduled I decided to learn some stuff about my blog.  I spent some time learning about trackbacks and pingbacks.  I must say that I am quite surprised at how advanced blogging actually is.  I’m still new but I definitely learn and find new stuff every time I log on.  Some of my friends have also started up a blog (I guess everyone’s New Year’s resolutions included writing more) and we are constantly pointing out features to each other.  Having my friends blogging to is forcing me to work harder on my blog so that I may stay one step ahead of them.  A little friendly competition is healthy, right?

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