My Old PC

I know it’s getting old but I just can’t part with it yet.  This is mostly because I don’t want to purchase a new computer just yet.  I am working on saving up for a new computer sometime (I’m thinking about a MacBook, any thoughts?) but I don’t want to part with the money yet if I don’t have to.  Well a friend of mine posted here that they had some extra RAM that they didn’t need and were thinking about selling it.  I was talking to them online today and I found and old spec for my PC.  Reading through it I found out that my PC will only handle 1Gb of RAM.  Not really anything amazing this day in age but I’m currently running on 512Mb so doubling what I currently have wouldn’t hurt one bit.  We continue chatting and I find out that the RAM he has is 1Gb sticks.  Sweet!  So we’re checking everything out to make sure that the RAM will work in my PC and I find in the spec that to get 1Gb I have to have 2 sticks of 512Mb, BUMMER!  I guess I’ll be sticking with my 512Mb for a while.  I’m afraid to open my case and check because I’m going to bet that I have two 256Mb sticks in there and therefor I’d have to get two 512Mb sticks instead of just one.

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