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St. Patrick’s Day

Most of my friends and I agree that St. Patrick’s day is amateur day for drunks.  The people that don’t normally go out and drink other times during the year (with the exception of New Years) go out and don’t know their own limits.  This makes St. Patrick’s day a day I tend to stay […]

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One of the amazing accomplishments of science happened yesterday; another successful space shuttle launch.  A shuttle launch always amazes me and I have been watching them my entire life.  I can remember being a little kid and my parents waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside and see a launch.  […]

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New Bowling Ball: Secret Agent

This past week I bought a new bowling ball.  It’s a Storm: Secret Agent.  A friend of mine already owns one and I have thrown it a few times.  It seemed to work really well with my throw.  I picked it up Tuesday and had it drilled.  I was slightly worried about the drilling since […]

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