New Bowling Ball: Secret Agent

This past week I bought a new bowling ball.  It’s a Storm: Secret Agent.  A friend of mine already owns one and I have thrown it a few times.  It seemed to work really well with my throw.  I picked it up Tuesday and had it drilled.  I was slightly worried about the drilling since the ball I had been throwing wasn’t originally drilled for me.  After it was drilled I had some practice with it.  As I figured the holes needed a bit of adjusting.  I always seems to have trouble getting the thumb hole correct the first time.  On one practice throw the ball didn’t even leave my hand.  I ended up falling over the foul line with the ball still stuck on my hand.  Everyone said it looked like a bad fall but I was too busy laughing to worry about it.

I was planning on getting some extra practice in with it before league this week but that didn’t happen.  I was a little worried about using it for the first time in league with out a good amount of practice with it since it is drilled a bit differently than I am used to.  I ended up having no problems in league.  All my games were above my average.  My first game was above 200.  I had a few goofs where I threw the ball incorrectly but that is just something that I have to learn.

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