INCREDIBLE! That’s really the only word I can currently think of to describe it.  I went skydiving for the first time this past weekend.  The anticipation had been building up for the past few weeks.  A fellow co-worker had gone before and this time we were going to celebrate a birthday.  The actual day of skydiving snuck up on me though.  I have had a cram-packed past few weeks with weddings, work and all sorts of other things going on.

Saturday morning rolled around and I was ready to go.  I woke up full of energy and ready to go.  The weather wasn’t looking so good though.  It was very cloudy and overcast although they said there was only a twenty percent chance of rain.  We were going to meet at 8:30 that morning and I wasn’t going to be late.  I got up, got dressed, ate some light fruit (didn’t think my first jump on a full stomach was a good idea) and got on the road to Sebastian.  Everyone met up at Skydive Sebastian but as we arrived the weather had not improved.  The weather wasn’t going to stop us though, we stayed around and watched some videos and chatted a bit with other divers.  Three hours later we heard that the first plane was going up.

Since there were ten of us jumping, all sporting shirts thanks to Long Doggers,  I got placed on the third plan going up for the day.  So we watched the first two planes go up and the divers jump.  Then I heard the call to suit up for my plane.  I got suited up, boarded the plan and we were off.  I knew that it took a bit of time to get to 13,500 feet so I wasn’t very anxious during the plane ride.  I knew as soon as it was time though I would be all nervous.

We reached jumping altitude and then it was time to go.  The pilot had originally told us that we were jumping nine seconds apart.  Well by the time we reached altitude and started jumping I was to busy to get nervous and by the time I knew it I was standing at the door and then jumping out of the plane.  This was followed by a good minute of free fall and then approximately five minutes of coasting down after the chute was deployed.  The free fall was such a rush.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  I remember that it felt like I was falling forever but in retrospect it happened very quickly.  The falling was incredible, the feeling was incredible, the view was incredible.  I have never experienced anything like it.  Since it was my first time though I was a bit disoriented at first, falling out of a moving plane and tumbling for a bit had me a bit off kilter.  I quickly regained my bearings and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

I was also surprised at how difficult it was to do stuff while falling.  I felt that I had no control over my facial expressions and my hand movement was kind of sporadic since any slight move I made was drastically exaggerated by the speed at which the air was passing.  That and trying to follow the instructions while paying attention to the camera, and trying to not look completely stupid, ended being much more challenging than I thought.  The videos make it look simple but there is actually quite a bit of work to keeping things together when you are traveling that fast.  Alright, enough of my babble (yes, I know that is what this site is called) watch the video and then sign up to jump! Oh, and if you want anyone to go with you, feel free to ask me… 😉

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