The truck saga…

I had to wait a while to post this just to make sure the saga had ended. Well it has, I think, so here’s the story.

My truck is approaching 100,000 miles very quickly so I pay a lot of attention to it and the sounds it makes. About a month ago it started to squeak. This isn’t to be confused with the suspension that has been making funny noises for a while. No, this time something under the hood was squeaking. Wasn’t very loud or anything but I could hear it. I decided that the next time I took it in for an oil change I’d have them look at it. It’s probably just a loose belt.

I take it into the shop on Tuesday figuring I’d get it back later that day. In the early afternoon I get a call from the shop. Apparently when I had my clutch replaced 20,000 miles ago, the clutch plate was put in backwards and was causing some parts to wear incorrectly (I won’t bore you with all the mechanical details). This isn’t what I wanted to hear. After making sure I had transportation to and from work I told them to go ahead and fix it which included machining the flywheel and putting in a new clutch.

Thursday rolls around and I get a call from the shop. My truck is ready and I can pick it up anytime. I have my friend drop me off at the shop to pick up my truck. I hop in my truck and before I make it two blocks the clutch goes out. Of course this had to happen to me while I was in the middle of the busiest road around which is completely under construction. I manage to get it off the road and call up the shop. They send someone over who tinkers with the clutch for a bit and then can drive my truck back to the shop. They tell me that it’s going to take them till Friday to tear everything apart to see what’s going on. This isn’t what I wanted to hear.

Friday comes and goes quickly. I do some chores around my place awaiting the call. I hear from them right before they are closing and I tell them I will be there in a few minutes to get my truck. I go and get my truck and head back home.

Since I didn’t have my truck all day I didn’t get to go shopping like I had planned. I call up some friends and we decide to head out and get some dinner. Leaving dinner I hop into my truck and yet again, no clutch. I’m not a happy camper at this point. My friend drives me home and I leave my truck in the parking lot since there isn’t much I can do in the parking lot.

Saturday morning rolls around and I call the shop up right when they open. When the guy answers and I tell him who I am he replies “This can’t be good.” I go on to explain what happened and tell him where the truck is. Since I was heading out of town I had already arranged a ride for Saturday’s trip. This was good because we took a quick detour and dropped the key to my truck off on the way out of town. When I spoke with the guy I told him to keep my truck through the weekend and Monday and drive it a bunch since the truck appeared to be fine when I left but after some driving had issues.

Sunday and Monday went quickly with no truck. Surprisingly I wasn’t too upset about not having it. I was able to ride my bike to the places I needed to go so I didn’t feel homebound. I call up the shop on Tuesday to check on my truck. They tell me they’ve worked on it a bit and have been driving it for the past three days with no issues. I head to the shop and pick up my truck. While I was there I inquired about how they solved the problem. Apparently my truck, a Ford Ranger, has a odd clutch setup which is extremely prone to air getting stuck in the lines. The shop said that they called up the Ford dealer who told them to lift the front of the truck up until the truck was at forty five degrees and then bleed the clutch lines. Whether or not this solved the problem, I don’t know but my truck hasn’t been giving me problems since.

I’ve had my truck for just about a week now and it hasn’t given me any problems since. I’ve been a bit nervous about it though and am very cautious where I drive just in case my clutch decides to go out again.

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