Biting the Apple Bullet

Over the past few months I have slowly been acquiring Apple products. It all started with a MacBook that I purchased since my desktop was starting acting weird. Good thing I did as my desktop will currently not even start! I’m suspecting something is awry with either the power supply or mother board. The thing that made me actually spend the money on the MacBook was that I got a free iPod Touch with it. I figured at the least I could sell the iPod to help offset the cost of the MacBook. My MacBook has been great (it’s what I’m writing this on) and I for one believe that it is worth the money. I know people say that Apple products are over priced but I strongly believe that a quality product is worth the money. In this case I think they are worth every cent. The only thing I didn’t like about my iPod was that I wasn’t always connected with it and it had some duplicate functionality of my phone (lots of foreshadowing here).

Soon after I purchased the MacBook I convinced my roommate that we needed a Time Capsule. We went down to Best Buy and purchased on of their new 1TB models. The set up for the TC was a little more involved than I had imagined it would be but it did get us set up with the Time Machine functionality, a private network and a public network. Each of which required different privileges and passwords to get set up “correctly.” After the initial set up we haven’t had any issues with it and it is amazingly faster than the old wireless router we had. The only thing that is limiting us now is our slow connection to the internet. Transferring anything on the local network is by far the fastest I’ve ever had.

After having the iPod for a while I finally decided to make the leap; I went and purchased and iPhone. This was definitely the next step for me. It got rid of me carrying around two different devices (my phone and the iPod) and has become my connection to the world. It is synced with my MacBook and my online accounts so any changes that I make anywhere are propagated to all the others. No more trying to find email addresses or phone numbers. If I don’t have it I can add it instantly and looking up anyone’s information is always at my fingertips. I’m not quite sure how I ever lived without it.

Last but not least of my personal summer Apple purchases was Snow Leopard. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to spend the money to upgrade my OS right after I got my MacBook but the upgrade was only $30 and was well worth it. Apple definitely spent some time making sure it was well polished. I have been completely impressed by my MacBook and OS X. I wanted my computer to just work and for the most part it has succeeded in doing that. I think I’m now an Apple convert for life!

My enthusiasm for my Mac prompted my to buy one for my parents. My father’s computer had been in a sad state for months but I was putting off getting him a new computer. I haven’t really stayed up with the latest specs so I didn’t want to try and build one myself and I also wanted to stay away from the Windows debacle (Vista and Windows 7). I also didn’t want to have to put my parents through a big OS change; they aren’t the most computer savvy people I know. I figured since they’d have to get used to a new OS anyways I’d get them a Mac and hopefully it would be simpler for them to learn. Their first impressions of it were very positive but the final verdict is still out. I’ll check in with them around the new year and see if they still like it. If they don’t it looks like I’ll be buying myself a Mac Mini!

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