Music Filled Weekend

This past weekend just flew by. In short it was 3 days (spread out over 4 days) of audio enjoyment.

The weekend started on Thursday when I went to see PRISM put on by the Sebastian River High School Band and Choir. I am a huge supporter of arts in public schools and this concert is a exemplary example of what can be achieved. It is amazing what can be produce by high school students and their supporting faculty and staff. Every year I see the show I’m reminded of the exciting times I had when I did performances in high school (although I’m partial to marching band shows).

Friday was a scheduled non-working day for me. This worked out great as I didn’t return home until late Thursday night and it gave me time to rest up and finish some chores before the remainder of the weekend.

This leads us to Saturday. I got up Saturday morning and did some errands before heading downtown for the festivities. I wandered around the city for a while and stopped to have a drink and see a part of the Florida Gators game before meeting up with friends. Everyone arrived around 5:30 and we enjoyed some dinner before heading off to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The show was outstanding. The show by far is one of the best I’ve seen. Most people I’ve told about them don’t recognize the name but recognize the music. The music is only a small part of their show. The had the most elaborate sound/light/laser/effect choreography that I’ve ever seen. The videos of their shows do not accurately represent the complete awesomeness of the show. Any time they come to a town near you I STRONGLY suggest you go and see them. They are worth every cent of the ticket price.

The weekend wrapped up on Sunday when I went with a few friends over to Tampa for 97X’s Next Big Thing. Next Big Thing is pretty much the same as Buzz Bake Sale, which we’ve attended for years, but this year Buzz Bake Sale was on the same day as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance so we opted to go to Tampa instead. Another awesome day of musical enjoyment. We got there in the early afternoon and left right before the end of the last set in attempt to get ahead of the traffic. Overall it was an awesome day. We arrived home around 1 in the morning and I immediately fell asleep. I am extremely glad that I had enough forethought to take Monday off. I would have been miserable if I had to get up Monday morning and head into work.

Overall it was a very busy weekend but well worth it. All the planning feel right into place and everything went smoothly. Hopefully next year I can plan a similar weekend.

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