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Photos/Video taken with my EVO

A while ago, probably when the blog post was posted, I read this blog entry. This then lead to the reading of this post. After reading these two articles I knew that I wanted to have a camera with me all the time. I partially knew this already but carrying a camera with me is […]

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EVO Unboxing

I decided to take everyone along with me on my journey of opening my new HTC EVO. I know this has been done a bunch already but I wanted to do it anyways. The items contained in the shipping box: The contents of the shipping box including the phone (in its packaging) and the rebate […]

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Bike Shed Example

I had never heard of the this until I read this post. To sum it up in a few words the “Bike Shed Example,” formally knows as Parkinson’s Law of Triviality, states that “organisations give disproportionate weight to trivial issues“. I had never really noticed this before but after I learned about this I see […]

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