Photos/Video taken with my EVO

A while ago, probably when the blog post was posted, I read this blog entry. This then lead to the reading of this post. After reading these two articles I knew that I wanted to have a camera with me all the time. I partially knew this already but carrying a camera with me is a pain. I already hate having to carry keys, wallets, phones, and what ever else I may need for my current adventure. This is why I love the idea of having a camera integrated as part of my phone. The big problem with this up till now has been the fact that the cameras integrated into phones haven’t been the best and most of the time were not worth the hassle. They either took terrible photos, took to long or to much effort to work, or were plagued by some other critical issue. My iPhone’s camera wasn’t too terrible, but it was very picky. Sometimes the pictures would be good, other times not so much (so example photos from the iPhone can be seen in this post). This is why I was very excited to hear about the 8 megapixel camera on the EVO. I had high hopes this would finally solve my problem of always having a camera with me.

I am relatively pleased with the photos that the EVO takes. The pictures turn out well and the software is fast (which is a surprise to me). The pictures are the best when the lighting and conditions are at their best but even under harsher conditions the photos still turn out well. Instead of just talking about them I figured I’d show them to you. Enjoy the gallery and let me know what you think or if you think I should try taking a picture under some certain set of conditions. I tried to get an assortment of conditions in the images below (some including usage of the flash).

Things I’ve noticed about taking photos:

  • Lighting is important. If it is dark out the pictures tend to be a bit grainy and not as crisp.
  • Certain conditions cause the software to take a bit longer to snap the photo. I believe this to be when the conditions aren’t the best and the camera is trying to focus.
  • You have to stay VERY still. It seems like the camera is very susceptible to blury pictures if you move even a little. I’m guessing this is because there isn’t stabilizing software which would slow taking the photo down.

As an added bonus I’ve included a random video I took with the camera. I wasn’t overly interested in video but I figured I would give it a test run anyways.

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