Life with Sprint

It’s been just about 2 months since I got my EVO.  This also marked my switch from AT&T to Sprint.  Now that I’ve had time to use the service I figured I’d share my thoughts about it.

Coverage (A)

The big providers in my area seems to be AT&T and Verizon so I was skeptical about the coverage I could get with Sprint.  A coworker of mine has had Sprint for years and said they’ve never had any issues with coverage.  So far the coverage has been great.  I have coverage most everywhere and usually the only times I don’t get coverage is when I’m inside certain buildings.  This tends to be rare so it’s really not a huge issue with me.  In some of the more distant areas of the city I have been known to be roaming (more on this later).  The only time I’ve ever really lost coverage was in the mountains in Tennessee.  Wasn’t really expecting much so I wasn’t disappointed.  My camera still worked so I was happy.  All said in done, coverage is not an issue.

Speed (A+)

Coming from AT&T there is no comparison.  Data speeds are super fast.  A point to note here is that I’m using a completely different phone with different hardware.  I’m sure this is a factor but I still don’t think AT&T can match the speeds.  I have seen my EVO download megabytes in less than a minute.  Impressive!

Plan (A+)

This is probably the best part about Sprint.  The plan I have is perfect for me and well priced.  For $69.99 a month (plus all the taxes and “government fees”) I get unlimited everything except minutes.

Minutes: My restriction on minutes is 450 “Anytime Minutes” which amounts to minutes to a landline that aren’t during nights and weekends.  Seeing that most of the calls I make are to another cell phone and at night or the weekend I’ve haven’t even come close to using up my minutes.

Data: My plan includes unlimited data.  Before I switched off of my AT&T plan I checked my data usage.  It wasn’t terribly high but I was usually over the 200 Megabyte mark.  I figured I wouldn’t be much different with my new phone.  I was wrong.  With my EVO I use a lot more data than I did with my iPhone.  My guess is because with the Android operating system processes are allowed to run in the background which can send and receive data constantly.  This along with my data speeds is probably the reason why I’ve used more data.  The unlimited data plan was a good idea.  The only issue I’ve had with my data is when I was data roaming in a more remote part of the city.  When I found out about it I wasn’t too happy.  The good thing is roaming is covered in my plan so it is no additional charge for me.  Awesome!

Text: I don’t have to much to elaborate on for texting.  My plan gives me unlimited texting and I use a ton of them.  It’s become my primary way of communication.  This is probably the main reason why I never use up my minutes.

Other (A)

4G: Not in my area.  I believe that Jacksonville has it an Orlando should be getting it soon.  Not a big concern of mine at the moment though.  As much as it would be nice to be even faster, my current speeds are more than acceptable.

My final rating for Sprint is a solid A.  I’m not sure how the share plans work out but I’d like to think they are just as good.  Hopefully they stay that way.

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