Life with my EVO

This post may be a little past due (seeing that I’ve have my phone since June) but it is time that I talk about my HTC EVO.


At first glimpse the phone looks HUGE.  In comparison with my iPhone (with its case) it was only a slight bit larger.  I thought this was going to be a detriment at first but I have grown to love it.  The 4.3 inch screen is awesome.  Surfing the web is a lot easier with more screen real estate and typing with the larger keyboard is awesome.  When I use and iPhone now I feel like everything is very tiny.  I have definitely grown to love the screen size and the physical size of the phone is not an issue.  Even though the phones are roughly the same size, I don’t think the EVO looks as bad as the Droid X.  The EVO may be large but when I see people holding a Droid X it looks like they are holding a television remote to me.


This is a hot topic these days: iOS versus Android.  Which one is truly better is up for debate.  I normally side with Apple in the fact that all of their stuff usually just works.  I’m past my tinkering years with gadgets; I want it to work right out of the box.  Also Apple’s products are very consistent.  They all work the same way with the same design.  In the realm of mobile phones though I only used a small amount of Apple functionality: phone calls, text messaging, and web surfing.  Any other usage was a 3rd party app.  Although Apple tried to enforce these apps to be similar they never really were.  In this aspect iOS are very similar.  The user interfaces I see the most are from 3rd party apps.  I live in an app world so the look and feel of the OS is not that big a deal to me (in the mobile phone realm that is).


The true shining difference between iOS and Android to me is the notification system.  Android blows Apple out of the water on this one. With iOS I never felt like I was being informed of all that was going on.  Sure applications could push me information but I always felt like if I wanted to keep updated I had to constantly be checking for updates.  This is not true with Android.  Android (the applications really) tell me about everything.  I know when there is severe weather around or it is my turn in scrabble.  In fact it can be too informative and I’d have to turn off some of the notifications.  I now feel as though I am connected at all times and that I don’t have to go and ask for updates.


The one bad thing I have to mention is the standard UI.  HTC has gone and added Sense UI to my phone which is great.  It looks better and has some additional functionality than the standard Android operating system.  The bad part is my UI is different than the one on the Nexus One, Droid, Droid X, and Galaxy X just to name a few.  This is annoying.  My friends and I are unable to help each other, or sometimes use another’s phone, because the interfaces are too different.  That’s just plain annoying.  What am I going to do about it?  Nothing.  Android is new and with this amount of freedom this is bound to happen.  We will eventually settle on a standard.  Till then I’ll just wait it out.  I see this following the same path as Windows.  When it first came out there were a ton of different interfaces and skins for not only the OS but all applications.  Over time the strongest survived and now most applications all follow a standard.  This will be the same thing to happen in the Android world, it just needs some time.

Screen Sensitivity

I’m not sure whether to put this in the good or bad category.  The screen on my EVO is much more sensitive than my old iPhone.  I guess I’ve grown accustom to it an it isn’t an issue anymore but in the beginning I was doing all sorts of crazy things.  I’ve pocket dialed someone and have even pocket texted someone!  That was a little annoying.  Currently I’ve learned how to avoid this and have no problems with it.  Just an interesting point to note.

To sum it all up I love my EVO.  I was scared in the beginning that I wouldn’t like it but it has all turned out GREAT!

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