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Biting the Apple Bullet

Over the past few months I have slowly been acquiring Apple products. It all started with a MacBook that I purchased since my desktop was starting acting weird. Good thing I did as my desktop will currently not even start! I’m suspecting something is awry with either the power supply or mother board. The thing […]

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Dane Cook

This past Friday Tim, Zach and I went and saw Dane Cook on his Isolated Incident tour. Before Dane took the stage we saw two great opening acts consisting of Al Del Bene and Robert Kelly. Both were great and an excellent precursor to Dane Cook. When Dane took the stage the audience went crazy. […]

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Ignite Orlando/MP3 Experiment

Last week Orlando hosted its second Ignite Orlando (@igniteorlando). Ignite Orlando consists of presentations that are 5 minutes each with twenty slides that rotate every 15 seconds. Topics at Ignite Orlando 2 included legos, creativity, txting, and even tuna. Going into this I wasn’t sure what to expect. What kind of people would I meet? […]

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The Hangover

No, I wasn’t out drinking. I’m referring to the movie “The Hangover”. I have to say that I can’t think of any time recently where I have laughed so hard for so long. I was concerned going to the movie that the previews would be the only funny parts of the movie. That was not […]

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I got my first iPod this past week and decided to give posting to my blog from it a try. Seems to be working well! There may be more mobile posts to follow.

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The truck saga…

I had to wait a while to post this just to make sure the saga had ended. Well it has, I think, so here’s the story. My truck is approaching 100,000 miles very quickly so I pay a lot of attention to it and the sounds it makes. About a month ago it started to […]

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Yellow Dog Cafe

For a while now I’ve heard about the Yellow Dog Cafe. I had heard great and wonderful things about it but until recently I had not given it a try. Recently I got the opportunity to check it out and it was amazing! The following is my short review/plug for the restaurant. My parents had […]

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Mike Thomas – Creative Genius

A few weeks ago Tim sent me a link to a pretty awesome video: My Friend is a Pro. After watching it he informed me that the guy who did the sound and some other various parts of the video, Mike Thomas, was a friend of his from back home. Pretty sweet. Cruising through the […]

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2009 Melbourne Art Festival 5K

This past weekend was the Melbourne Art Festival which is kicked off every year with a 5K. This is a huge race and I think this year there was just under 1500 runners. This was my second time running this 5K and when I ran it two years ago it was my first race ever. […]

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Method Naming

Many of my fellow developers agree that one of the most difficult parts of our job is naming things. The names we are supposed to select should be clear, concise, explanatory and short. There are always comments during a code review about how something was named; it either wasn’t clear or was too long or […]

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