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INCREDIBLE! That’s really the only word I can currently think of to describe it.  I went skydiving for the first time this past weekend.  The anticipation had been building up for the past few weeks.  A fellow co-worker had gone before and this time we were going to celebrate a birthday.  The actual day of […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

Most of my friends and I agree that St. Patrick’s day is amateur day for drunks.  The people that don’t normally go out and drink other times during the year (with the exception of New Years) go out and don’t know their own limits.  This makes St. Patrick’s day a day I tend to stay […]

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One of the amazing accomplishments of science happened yesterday; another successful space shuttle launch.  A shuttle launch always amazes me and I have been watching them my entire life.  I can remember being a little kid and my parents waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside and see a launch.  […]

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New Bowling Ball: Secret Agent

This past week I bought a new bowling ball.  It’s a Storm: Secret Agent.  A friend of mine already owns one and I have thrown it a few times.  It seemed to work really well with my throw.  I picked it up Tuesday and had it drilled.  I was slightly worried about the drilling since […]

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Magic Game

Most of my friends know that I’m not a huge sports fan. The only time I ever watch them on TV is when I’m somewhere (friends, restaurant, etc.) and they happen to be on. I do tend to enjoy going to games though, that’s much more entertaining. This past weekend I was over in Orlando […]

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Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court

This past weekend I finished reading A Connecticut Yankee at Kind Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain.  It was a very enjoyable story and was definitely a page turner for me as I wanted to know how “the Boss” was going to get out of each predicament he got himself into. Probably the only thing that […]

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My Old PC

I know it’s getting old but I just can’t part with it yet.  This is mostly because I don’t want to purchase a new computer just yet.  I am working on saving up for a new computer sometime (I’m thinking about a MacBook, any thoughts?) but I don’t want to part with the money yet […]

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Easily Sidetracked

Being a software engineer I love to tinker especially when it comes to something that is software related and it happened to me again tonight.  I had my night all planned out.  I was going to come home, do some cooking and then work on two entries that I want to get written.  Well once […]

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The Piano Move

This a post from a blog that I had a while ago but never kept up with.  I decided to repost it here (originally posted August 11, 2008) so that everyone may continue to enjoy the story. It started off Friday afternoon.  The plan was that my friend was going to pick me up at […]

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Magical Yellow Line

I’ve always wondered how they got the line on the football field to show where the next first down was.  Did you know they use sound to do part of it?  Check out this video that explains how it works. Sorry everyone.  After tinkering with embedding the video for about half an hour I decided […]

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