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Bike Shed Example

I had never heard of the this until I read this post. To sum it up in a few words the “Bike Shed Example,” formally knows as Parkinson’s Law of Triviality, states that “organisations give disproportionate weight to trivial issues“. I had never really noticed this before but after I learned about this I see […]

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At 2:28 this afternoon space shuttle Atlantis lifted off and it was a beautiful launch. I wish I had photos to share with everyone. I try and watch all of the launches and can’t think of the last one I missed. I’ve always been a supporter of the space program along with science and education. […]

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Ignite Orlando/MP3 Experiment

Last week Orlando hosted its second Ignite Orlando (@igniteorlando). Ignite Orlando consists of presentations that are 5 minutes each with twenty slides that rotate every 15 seconds. Topics at Ignite Orlando 2 included legos, creativity, txting, and even tuna. Going into this I wasn’t sure what to expect. What kind of people would I meet? […]

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I got my first iPod this past week and decided to give posting to my blog from it a try. Seems to be working well! There may be more mobile posts to follow.

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The truck saga…

I had to wait a while to post this just to make sure the saga had ended. Well it has, I think, so here’s the story. My truck is approaching 100,000 miles very quickly so I pay a lot of attention to it and the sounds it makes. About a month ago it started to […]

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Yellow Dog Cafe

For a while now I’ve heard about the Yellow Dog Cafe. I had heard great and wonderful things about it but until recently I had not given it a try. Recently I got the opportunity to check it out and it was amazing! The following is my short review/plug for the restaurant. My parents had […]

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Mike Thomas – Creative Genius

A few weeks ago Tim sent me a link to a pretty awesome video: My Friend is a Pro. After watching it he informed me that the guy who did the sound and some other various parts of the video, Mike Thomas, was a friend of his from back home. Pretty sweet. Cruising through the […]

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INCREDIBLE! That’s really the only word I can currently think of to describe it.  I went skydiving for the first time this past weekend.  The anticipation had been building up for the past few weeks.  A fellow co-worker had gone before and this time we were going to celebrate a birthday.  The actual day of […]

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St. Patrick’s Day

Most of my friends and I agree that St. Patrick’s day is amateur day for drunks.  The people that don’t normally go out and drink other times during the year (with the exception of New Years) go out and don’t know their own limits.  This makes St. Patrick’s day a day I tend to stay […]

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Magic Game

Most of my friends know that I’m not a huge sports fan. The only time I ever watch them on TV is when I’m somewhere (friends, restaurant, etc.) and they happen to be on. I do tend to enjoy going to games though, that’s much more entertaining. This past weekend I was over in Orlando […]

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