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2009 Melbourne Art Festival 5K

This past weekend was the Melbourne Art Festival which is kicked off every year with a 5K. This is a huge race and I think this year there was just under 1500 runners. This was my second time running this 5K and when I ran it two years ago it was my first race ever. […]

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New Bowling Ball: Secret Agent

This past week I bought a new bowling ball.  It’s a Storm: Secret Agent.  A friend of mine already owns one and I have thrown it a few times.  It seemed to work really well with my throw.  I picked it up Tuesday and had it drilled.  I was slightly worried about the drilling since […]

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Corporate 5K

This past Saturday I ran in my company’s annual 5K.  I wasn’t going to run in the event but a few coworkers of mine were running so I decided to join them.  When I signed up my biggest worry was the weather.  The mornings have been very cold here lately (in the 30s) and I […]

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Solar Panels in the 70s?

On my normal browsing of the web and catching up the news of the day, I came across something that shocked me.  In 1979 solar panels were installed on the White House.  Why did this shock me you may ask.  I haven’t been around very long (I was born in the mid 80s) and it’s […]

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Happy New Year

Now that the New Years festivities have come to an end, it’s time for me to dig in and get moving on things I’ve been wanting to do. Starting a blog was one of those things I’ve had on my list of things to do for a while (mostly so I would start writing more).  […]

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