Corporate 5K

This past Saturday I ran in my company’s annual 5K.  I wasn’t going to run in the event but a few coworkers of mine were running so I decided to join them.  When I signed up my biggest worry was the weather.  The mornings have been very cold here lately (in the 30s) and I was concerned that Saturday would start very cold.  Fortunately by the time the race started the temperature had climbed into the 50s.

With this being my third race I knew my biggest problem from past races was determining a good pace. One of the people that I work with often started just in front of me.  I had informed him that I was going to beat him this race so he better keep up with me.  I have been saying this for a while because he is a very strong runner and has some very excellent times (although he says he hasn’t been training for a while).  We kept a steady pace with me just behind him.  As we crossed the first mile I was very excited; I was doing seven minute miles.  I was very pleased with this and I felt that I could keep that up for the next two.  The race continued on and I was still on pace at about the two mile mark.  I was going strong.  Between the first and second miles I had overtaken my friend.  He wasn’t far behind though, I could hear his steps as he was right on my heels.  At about the two and a half mile mark I felt it; I was wore out.  I kept running strong though but I could feel myself tiring.  My friend as this point overtook me.  I wasn’t overly concerned about this.  I figured even if I didn’t beat him I was going to be near twenty one minutes when I finished.  Unfortunately this wasn’t true.  When I caught my first glimpse of the clock it had already passed the twenty two minute mark.  Now I was just frustrated that I had been going so strong and fell apart in the last half mile.  I crossed the finish line at twenty two minutes and thirty one seconds.  That was disappointing.  My friend finished just a few seconds ahead of me.

I really can’t complain much about my time.  Out of 553 racers (some where walking) I came in thirty sixth.  Not to shabby.  My overall pace for the race was seven minues and fifteen seconds a mile.  That is definately a personal best (for a 5K and only counting ones that are recorded).  In my age group I came in third and even got a medal.  All this without having been running in about two weeks.  The next race I know that I will run in is the art festival 5K and that is in April.  That gives me plenty of time to get out and do some training (since I don’t run if it’s cold).  My goal for the art festival 5K is a pace of seven minute miles or less.  I think that’s reasonable but I need to train hard for it since it requires me to run over the causeway twice!

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Solar Panels in the 70s?

On my normal browsing of the web and catching up the news of the day, I came across something that shocked me.  In 1979 solar panels were installed on the White House.  Why did this shock me you may ask.  I haven’t been around very long (I was born in the mid 80s) and it’s only been recently that I can remember talks and discussions occurring about being green and America’s oil dependence.  I would have thought (and I’m sure Jimmy Carter did as well) that when the President of the United States installs solar panels on the White House, that there would have been greater reaction and following by the rest of the country.  It’s not like there was an energy crisis or anything happening at the time…

I got this snippet of information from  I quickly glanced though the site but was only really interested in what President Carter had done.  I wonder what he is thinking now, thirty years later.  An even better thought, what are the people thinking now that thought the solar panels were a waste of time and effort?  Have they changed their minds?  Should we have taken that road?

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Happy New Year

Now that the New Years festivities have come to an end, it’s time for me to dig in and get moving on things I’ve been wanting to do. Starting a blog was one of those things I’ve had on my list of things to do for a while (mostly so I would start writing more).  I do not have a certain agenda for the blog; I’m just going to write what comes to mind and see where that drives me.  I can possibly see large categories or maybe even a separately blog if things really start picking up (a topic such as music would probably spur this), but only the future will tell if that will really happen.

I’m going to end this post here since I don’t think a lengthy explaniation is needed and I will see you in future posts!

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