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Complexity of adding parameters

The other day we were refactoring some code and moving things around which I was all excited about.  Most of the stuff was being moved to make it more modular and there wasn’t much actual change to the code needed.  Doing a quick review I noticed something like this: had been updated to this: get_power […]

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Developer’s English Skills

I don’t have an exact measurement but I would guess that less than half of the time I spend typing I am writing code.  This means that a majority of my typing time is spent writing communications to another human.  This blog is an example of that.  Throughout my normal work day I will compose […]

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Method Naming

Many of my fellow developers agree that one of the most difficult parts of our job is naming things. The names we are supposed to select should be clear, concise, explanatory and short. There are always comments during a code review about how something was named; it either wasn’t clear or was too long or […]

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